Steve Reich Three Tales DVD

Three Tales to be broadcast by Independent Film Channel starting January 12, 2004.

Three Tales is being broadcast on the IFC channel starting Monday January 12th at 12:45 pm (Eastern) and again the same day at 11:30pm (Eastern). It will be re-broadcast on IFC throughout the months of January and February and possibly into March. Consult your channel guide for further info.

The New York Times – Best Classical CD’s of 2003

Steve Reich Ensemble, Synergy Vocals, conducted by Bradley Lubman (Nonesuch; CD and DVD) For those who think art has to be about something, “Three Tales” offers satisfaction on many levels, using words as both sound and meaning, political statements backed up by Mr. Reich’s driving rhythms. It stands just fine as an aural experience, but Nonesuch’s package includes a DVD, so the work can be seen as conceived: with Beryl Korot’s visuals, a video opera.
ANNE MIDGETTE – 21 December 2003

The Guardian – UK
5 December 2003

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Three Tales (Nonesuch 7559798352)
If ever a work was made for DVD it is Steve Reich and Beryl Korot’s 2002 video opera, which examines the impact of technology on 20th-century life through three case studies – the Hindenburg airship disaster, the H-bomb tests on Bikini Atoll and the cloning of Dolly the sheep. Reich’s music and Korot’s visuals are deftly enmeshed, and the work moves steadily from historic newsreels and reportage to ever more exuberant images and clips of polemical talking heads. It’s unclassifiable and absolutely compelling.

Time Out – London – The Best Classical CDs for 2003
Steve Reich’s multi-media collaborations with his artist wife, Beryl Korot, are meaty, serious(in the best sense) and musically intriguing. Nonesuch’s issue of ‘Three Tales’ respectively ‘Hindenburg’, ‘Bikini’ and ‘Dolly’ make a fascinating earful, even for those who missed the staged events in London.
Martin Hoyle – 17 December 2003