Steve Reich Radio Rewrite

“…instantly accessible, instantly enjoyable.”
The Observer

“It’s satisfyingly Mr. Reich’s sound world, but unobtrusively enriched by Radiohead’s melancholy palette.”
New York Times

“…a fine display of compositional mastery, which has nothing to do with remix culture, and everything to do with old-fashioned virtues of harmony and counterpoint.”
Daily Telegraph

“The five-movement piece was seamless and allowed the listener, once again, to get swept away into the mystically hypnotic world of Steve Reich.”
San Francisco Classical Voice

“This is orchestral Steve Reich, a matured, relaxed Steve Reich—he allows almost Mahlerian moments of calm, slowing the rhythm right down—but he has lost none of his vitality and verve.”
Musical America

“It has Reich’s fundamental virtue of physical and rhythmic vitality supporting the richest and most satisfying sense of harmony of any of his pieces… Radiohead’s harmonies are themselves beyond the genre in sophistication and affect, but Reich’s are sublime, the power of his chord sequences hits right in the gut.”
New York Classical Review