New Blood NYC Ballet Premiere

New York City Ballet’s Fall 2015 Gala was an evening of contemporary dance and contemporary music. Always one of the most anticipated events of New York City’s culture scene, this year’s gala went above and beyond in all manner of choreography, costumes, and music. The performance included the world premiere of choreographer and dancer Justin Peck’s New Blood, set to Steve Reich’s Variations for Vibes, Pianos, and Strings.

The response was enthusiastic — a testament to complementary nature between Reich’s music and physical movement.

Mr. Peck’s ‘New Blood’ (14 minutes), set to Steve Reich’s ‘Variations for Vibes, Piano and Strings,’ confirms that this choreographer is not just commandingly gifted but also possessed of exceptional compositional virtuosity. The brilliant group patterns of the opening and the central section of successive duets in which A dances with B, next B with C, and so on, almost as if regardless of gender, are remarkable feats. The steps are always a pleasure, especially in their mastery of off-balance legwork; the cast (seven men, six women) is excellent.
— The New York Times