Steve Reich Double-Sextet and 2x5

NPR (‘Reich’s innovations across the decades seem to have been distilled and polished to a sheen not heard before)
iTunes (Best Contemporary Classical),
Grammophon (‘like an exploding diagram of a rock band playing at full tilt’)&
San Jose Mercury News (‘Reich’s formal perfection opens up to reveal bubbling traces of rock’). Critics add:
BBC Music: ‘Beautifully poised throughout, Double Sextet stands as arguably one of Reich’s finest works’,
Guardian/Observer: ‘It’s fresh, hypnotic and beguiling and shows Reich on a new curve of invention.’
The Philadelphia Inquirer: ‘among the finest pieces of our time’.
The Wall Street Journal: ‘Double Sextet, an irresistible 22 minute workout won Mr. Reich a long-overdue Pulitzer Prize’.

Both pieces will be performed live with an expanded Eighth Blackbird & Friends and Bang on a Can & Friends at Carnegie Hall on April 30, 2011.
Also on the program will be the New York premiere of Mallet Quartet performed by So Percussion and the New York premiere of WTC 9/11 performed by the Kronos Quartet.